Speech Therapy & Learning Coaching

Anoushka Tesarek

Speech Therapy FAQ


Speech therapy in Germany

In order to see a speech and language therapist in Germany, a referral is needed from a doctor. The doctor will want to informally assess the speech and language skills of the patient before handing out a referral for therapy. Once you have the referral, you may see the speech therapist of you choice.

Unlike most English speaking countries, the state health insurance programmes do not cover speech therapy in educational settings, nor does it pay for any preventative measures.



Speech therapists use a range of formal and informal assessment methods to gain necessary information about their patient's speech and language skills and other communication abilities. In the case of children, speech therapists additionally rely on information from the child's parents/caregivers regarding relevant family history, the child's medical history and other developmental skills.



Based on the assessment results, the speech and language therapist decides on the best path of treatment for each patient individually. Speech therapy with children is usually based on play and the children generally have a very positive experience.

A typical speech therapy session with children lasts 45 minutes and excercises will be sent home for regular practice.


Billing information

If a referral is issued by a doctor for speech therapy, the services of a speech and language therapist are generally covered by public health insurance in Germany. Private health insurance schemes usually cover the cost of speech and language therapy.

As I do not have billing agreements with the state health insurances, I am only able to bill privately. This is independent of my recognised qualification for practice.