Speech Therapy & Learning Coaching

Anoushka Tesarek


Being a native English (UK) speaker and also fluent in German, I offer speech and language therapy, as well as learning coaching and the preschool programme in both German and English.


Speech and Language Therapy

I offer advice, assessment and therapy relating to speech, language and communication difficulties,

    • early intervention - this enhances the ability of toddlers to talk and communicate to minimise any potential for developmental delay.
    • Articulation disorders


    • auditory processing disorder (difficulties making sense of sounds, including speech).



Learning Coaching

Pupils with poor concentration, little motivation to learn, as well as those with specific areas of difficulty such as maths, reading or writing, will benefit from this highly individualized learning concept. The programme is 2 fold:

1. Based on a dominance profile and learning type analysis, your child will receive a tailor-made learning strategy to aid immediate learning.

2. Parallel to this, weak or missing skills necessary for effective learning will be identified and addressed. Through systematically optimising these skills, learning blocks will be removed, evergy levels will improve and motivation to learn will increase.

More information about this learning concept can be found in German at www.klippundklar-lernkonzept.com


Preschool Program

A good start in school is fundamental to a smooth progression into more demanding learning. This informal and child-friendly assessment sheds light on your child's strengths and weakness. Activites are offered to optimise weaker areas of skill and ease the transition into school. 


Brain Gym

I am a Brain Gym® practitioner and use this tool to aid successful learning in all areas of my work. The 26 Brain Gym activities reinforce early developmental movement and coordinate the body, eyes, ears and hands. More information about Brain Gym can be found at www.braingym.org  

Brain Gym